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DYNAMIC SPACE Kitchen Planning Kit

DYNAMIC SPACE Kitchen Planning Kit

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With this amazing kit created by Blum, you can design your perfect kitchen, maximizing your storage space and simplifying workflows. 
    The Dynamic Space Kitchen Zone Planner Kit is divided into 5 work zones: 
    • Consumables: This zone contains typical consumer goods such as tinned goods, rice, pasta as well as refrigerated foodstuffs.
    • Non-consumables: This kitchen zone is used to store items such as dishes, glasses, cutlery.
    • Cleaning: This zone is a space for waste collection and storage and contains household cleaners and cleaning utensils.
    • Preparation: This zone is the main work area of the kitchen where preparation activities take place. Kitchen utensils, spices, etc. are stored here
    • Cooking: This kitchen zone includes the hob, oven, steamer, microwave, extraction hood/fan, pots, pans, cooking utensils, and baking trays
    Their allocation and setup are then customized to your personal requirements and workflows.


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